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Apple iphones grappling with another phishing scam-See how to prevent it

Apple phishing scam

Using an iphone? Get aware of a new phishing scam which can be really troublesome for you.

Apple being one of the most trusted brands in the mobile industry introduces new security and technology features regularly. Its operating system is highly secured but users have to be wary of a new phishing scam. Every time Apple inc introduces a new security update, hackers find a new way to loot the users through ransomware. The recent one is highly genuine which is targeting the apple products by using spoofed apple inc attributes to fool the users.

How it works

It starts with a fake call that genuinely shows Apple’s logo, address and real phone number, which warns the user of a data breach in Apple Company. Now the question is how the user gets the fake call? When a user requests a call back from the apple customer support then the fake call number automatically gets added into the call list of the user as a previous call.

Its shocking that apple’s own devices are not able to recognize between a real and a fake call. This is the reason people gets into the trap finding the call to be genuine. Although no serious cases have been registered by any user but the company has released the guidelines for its users to prevent them from this scam so that this scam can be nipped in the bud.

How the user can prevent falling prey to this scam

Though the apple iphones are well secured by one of the best firewall system but as technology is on the rise, Hackers find new ways to hack the devices. Apple iphone users have to be cautious and follow these guidelines –

  • using caller id apps or spam settings can be a good alternative for the users and also should not open any suggested or embedded advertisement links.
  • Users should regularly keep a watch on their calling list as well as on the contact list.
  • Under no circumstances share your crucial personal information such fake calls/texts/emails because no bona fide company asks its users to share their personal information.

Hope  this information will surely give you a sigh of relief now and will definitely not let you become victim of this new phishing scam.

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